Real-time Claiming Systems

SIMS uses cutting edge Information systems and automated procedures so that large volumes of data can be easily processed. Our “live” EDI interface allows for “real-time” electronic submission of claims to almost all Medical Aids.  The benefit to our clients include the validation of claim details, quicker payment times and less data capturing errors. Pre-authorization codes are obtained by our staff on your behalf if required.

In addition to the above Sims also submits Paper Claims to Medical Aid schemes which are delivered via courier service with a proof of submission manifest returned, listing all accounts submitted.

SIMS offer our clients "live" access to their practice:

  • Clients can easily look up file references
  • Clients can view and print their patient statements
  • Clients can view full patient history

This enables you to offer a better level of service at your practice; and it is all done for you!