You do medicine, we do accounts! With SIMS, you can confidently outsource your billing, collecting and accounting. SIMS provides the complete solution to your Practice!

Complete Practice Management & Administration

SIMS is a Medical Service Organisation who specializes in the delivery of effective back-office administration services to medical Practices throughout South Africa.

Our main focus is on the management of the Practices' Debtors-book and services include Data capture, Credit control and Debt collection. This allows our clients to enjoy a complete outsourcing of their Debtors Department and administration tasks; allowing you to get on with business and do what you do best.

Professional/Accurate Medical Billing

Our expertise lies in professional and accurate medical billing and we take care of this task in a professional manner on your behalf. This includes billing of all ICD 10 codes, procedures, materials and modifiers; and electronic submission of claims to medical aids; regular follow up on outstanding amounts and remittance management; we handle it all for you!

  • Professional Billing of all ICD 10 codes , procedures, materials & modifiers
  • Real time electronic submission of claims to Medical Aids
  • Electronically retrieve Medical Aid remittances & allocation of all payments received
  • Follow up on outstanding accounts with patients & Medical Aids
  • Registration of new clients banking details with Medical Aids
  • Patient admission forms
  • Registered Debt Collectors, free ITC listings
  • Our professional staff are available to handle all queries

Real-time Claiming Systems

SIMS uses cutting edge Information systems and automated procedures so that large volumes of data can be easily processed. Our “live” EDI interface allows for “real-time” electronic submission of claims to almost all Medical Aids.  The benefit to our clients include the validation of claim details, quicker payment times and less data capture errors. Pre-authorization codes are obtained by our staff on your behalf if required.

Collection & Credit Control

Let us handle all the queries and excuses from your patients and Medical aids on a daily basis. We collect, capture and return your data within 48 hours.

More about our Credit Control Services and Systems:

  • Debt Collection Services are now free for clients using the FULL Debtors Service
  • Collections: Overdue accounts are collected using custom developed systems and procedures
  • Posting of outstanding accounts to patients
  • SMS service
  • Final Demands
  • Legal Collection Letters and SMS’s:  The automated generation of legal collection documents is a great success! This is a standard feature of our Full Debtors Service.
  • ITC Interface: SIMS is a registered member of the Debt Collectors Council and act in accordance with all prescribed regulations. ITC listings are used with all prescribed regulations and are used with great effect.

Accounting Services

Naturally it would make sense for your billing company to handle your accounting needs as our software reports meet the required accounting requirements. This is however not a compulsory service; but an additional benefit if you prefer. The monthly reports we supply to you are of the highest standard and you can simply hand these over to your accounting team.

SIMS offers a range of accounting services:

  • Recording of all financial transactions in the general ledger on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Cashbook and bank reconciliations on a monthly or yearly basis
  • VAT Management & calculation of VAT payments to SARS
  • Calculations and management of any other payments to SARS
  • Drawing up of financial statements
  • Monthly payslips, EMP 201 returns, bi-annual submissions to SARS & IRP5's
  • Business plans, cash flow statements, budgets or any other documents as per your banks requirements
  • Management accounts